Barre Chord Basics – Part 2

Knowledge of barre chords can be one of your greatest assets as a guitar player

That’s what I said in the last post.

I wanted you to first look at how well you are playing the four basic shapes like this:


From those four shapes you can play virtually any 7 and 9 chord. You can also play chords that also have the ‘2’, ‘sus’, 11, and stuff like ‘add 13’ tagged on to the chord name.

So what is the trick?

It is simply taking a finger away, or moving it to another location.

Here is a video I made for you all to demonstrate how it is done:


See how easy it is?

I mentioned in that video about making a .pdf file to accompany it – that will be coming up! I wanted to at least get this information to you all right now. You will be the first to get that .pdf file. Stay tuned!


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