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Welcome Future Guitarist, Are You Ready to Get Started?

l Do you want to learn how to play the guitar?


l Have you always been thinking about playing guitar but just "never got around to it"?


l Has playing guitar only been a dream to you and you never thought you could do it?


l Perhaps you have been playing but it has been frustrating because you can't seem to play the way you want? You know what that's like: the notes sound bad, you can't get your fingers to change the chords, your playing sounds sloppy...


l Has the guitar been sitting in a corner somewhere, collecting dust while you have been thinking "someday..."?


l Do you want to simply have FUN playing guitar?


l Maybe you are confused or lost about what you need to learn, in what order, to make playing the guitar easy?


l What if you had a teacher that can guide you using a proven system that has helped thousands of students play great guitar in a very short time? A system that is customized for YOU and your interests and goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you most definitely have found the right place at Tony's Rock Guitar Studio! Read more to learn why...


l  Here at Tony's Rock Guitar Studio, we are dedicated to providing personalized attention to your growth and development on the guitar

l  Lessons are customized to match YOUR interests and goals. Whether you are a beginner or someone with some experience, a lesson plan is made specifically for you

l  The name of the game is making guitar FUN! At Tony's Rock Guitar Studio you will learn all you need to know on guitar in a fun, relaxed environment

l   A lot of focus is given to proper playing technique. Poor technique yields poor results. 

l   You can learn almost anything on guitar by figuring out songs. It is definitely the most fun part of learning the guitar! Whether you are a beginner or someone who has been playing a little while and is "stuck', we can typically work with some of your favorite songs or solos to improve your playing.

Here are what some of our students have been saying:


"My son has been taking lessons with Tony since 2004. He has been an awesome teacher and very accommodating with schedules. Great experience! Highly recommend!"

-Paul McGrew

"Tony is a great guitar teacher, and an even better human being. My son has grown immensely under his tutelage; as a musician, and as a person. I highly recommend Tony's Guitar Studio!"

-Greg Eichelberger

"Tony is dedicated to developing artists. He is patient with our progress, empowers us to take risks, provides guidance when we need it and gives us a vision for where we can be in the future"

-Rachel Jackson

We would highly recommend taking lessons from Tony G. We have two daughters who both have taken lessons with him. Our oldest daughter, who is 18 now, started taking lessons from him when she was 8. Our youngest daughter started taking lessons from him a year ago when she was 15 and is doing an amazing job! They both enjoy working with him and we, as parents have always been happy with their progress. He listens to the students and what they want to do and what they enjoy and creates a teaching environment that suits them as an individual.

-Rich and Melissa Miller

"Tony is amazing guitar player and an amazing teacher! He is very patient and has high expectations for his students. I really enjoyed Tony as my guitar teacher!"

-Taylor Marshall


Tony Germann is the founder and owner of Tony's Rock Guitar Studio. He started out as a punk teenage kid in the late 70's that simply had dreams of being a rock star. He bought his first guitar for a hundred bucks at some second hand store and learned how to play mostly on his own along with the help of a few buddies. He couldn't afford lessons in those days. And, because of that,  it took a long while to figure it all out. He started learning songs by moving that needle across the record countless times to get each song part figured out.


And, while never hitting that rock star status he wanted as a kid, he never gave up playing the guitar. Just like many of you his school was the one of hard knocks. But he learned a lot along the way. And he is going to share that with you here.


Tony currently plays in a local Rush Tribute band called Animation. But his journey took him through many styles of music with many bands. He has appeared on numerous albums, radio and tv shows. Influences range from classic rock to classical music, from gospel and R&B to alternative rock.


Right now he does offer private instruction in Plainfield,IL at Tony's Rock Guitar Studio. The Studio has helped many people achieve the goals on guitar that they set out for themselves. He believes that every student has their own journey, their own goals that they want to achieve on guitar. His mission is to help them get there.


"I believe that everyone has the ability to play the guitar. Of course not everyone will be the latest, greatest superstar. Not everyone will be an NBA star either. However, just like anyone can learn to throw a basket through a hoop (and maybe even play a game with friends), anyone can, and should, be able pick up a six string guitar and eventually play a song or two they like (and maybe even jam with friends). All you need is desire and direction (and you never know, you just might be a superstar in the making!)"

Tony Germann


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Phone: 815-676-6276