Why Tony’s Rock Guitar Studio?


Want to have fun learning and playing guitar? I would love to help you do just that! I specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate guitar in all forms of rock plus pop, blues, and alternative. You can learn with electric or acoustic guitar.


My structured guitar method will get you up and learning the guitar in no time – all while learning some of your favorite songs! There is always something to learn from the songs we play. Each song is broken down for you so that you will learn the basics of the guitar and beyond. That would include:


  • Proper right and left hand technique
  • Chords and scales
  • Exercises for finger strengthening and dexterity
  • Incorporating your style and personality into the songs we play. Music is so much more than learning techniques. It’s about bringing out what is inside YOU into the music you play. This is where the real fun and enjoyment comes from!


Adult and kids programs are available. I specialize in beginners and intermediate levels.


Each student will receive full between lesson support through e-mails and/or videos.


We train you to play with other musicians by playing along with real band backing tracks.


Learn rock hits from artist such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Beatles, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Joe Satriani, Pearl Jam, even some fun video game songs! You name it! 


Lets Get Started!